Nordic Wear is consolidating all the features of good clothing – comfort, funcionality, quality and good appearance. It is represented in three lines:
Nordic Street, which is currently available, as well
Nordic Classic, and
Nordic Sport, which are in experimental phase.
Nordic Street is chloting line adjusted to younger and urban population: T-Shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, as well as model of skater shoes.
Nordic Classic consists jeans, pants, knitted sweaters, formal and casual shirts, jackets, coats and fashion accessories for those who likes quality, serious and at the same time modern appearance.
Nordic Sport combines comfort and functionality in the line of sport chloting.
Every day you create your own story. Dress her. Choose her to be unique. Every day is an empty sheet of paper. You choose the colours. Choose movement. Choose comfort. Choose style. Choose differently.

About Nordic Street Party

Nordic Street Party is NordicWear's project, which will work in most of the towns in the country and we hope it will expand further. NSP is made to promote NordicWear clothing line and to bring awesome parties to your town.
NSP is made out of 3 DJ-s:
Takezo Project: Deep House,
DJ Billy Python: Electro House/Nu Disco, and
Nazor Sound: Drum and Bass/Trance.
Until now, we had great performances all over the country, and we visited, among others, Sarajevo, Prijedor, Banja Luka, Doboj, Derventa, Kozarska Dubica...

About Nordic summer fest

Nordis Summer Fest is another NordicWear's project, and it's festival organized on one of the most beautiful beach on Sana river. Location of the festival is Trica beach, which is located 12 km outside of the Prijedor city, on really beautiful part of Sana's water course. Visitors and guests of the festival are able to swim, hang out, make a BBQ, play volleyball (and any other kind of group sport they want, as long as it's not violent and dangerous to others), have some drinks and, in general, have some good time. We provided parking lots, separate part for camping and part for festival. Between camping and festival part there's one great family restaurant and bar, and thanks to great owners of the place, visitors are allowed to bring in your own drinks in the camping place, although bringing drinks into festival place is not allowed. We have left behind the first year of the festival where we organized a non stop 24h party, and we are already planning and organizing next year's events!